6 smart tips for every problem at home

Your home is your castle. And to keep a castle out of the sand, constant attention is needed. Give immediate solutions to everyday problems with these tips that will solve your hands.

  1. Clean tiles and plasters from the tiles Make your tiles shine with a colas of refreshment. Let it act for a few minutes and then remove any dirt, paint or plaster from them using a cotton cloth. Particularly useful tip especially after painting or refurbishing, however cruel you are, somewhere you will get dirty!
  2. Clean the absorber filter You will need: hot water, baking soda, a few drops of dishwasher and a brush. Fill the sink or a large pot or pan or a large saucepan with hot water and 1/2 cup. baking soda and add 2-3 drops of dish detergent. Place the extractor filters in the container until they are covered with water and rub lightly with the brush. Leave it for 12 hours. For quicker results, you can boil the water in a saucepan along with the soda while holding in the filters and after 5 minutes of boiling to turn them over. Rinse with water and let them dry thoroughly before replacing them in the hood.
  3. Make your home smell great You want your home to smell beautiful even when you have not done general cleanliness? Spray the absorber and air conditioner filter with a few drops of vanilla extract or vanilla essential oil and then let them work. Once you have them work for a while, the wonderful scent of vanilla will flood your home.
  4. Stop grinding on the wooden floor There is nothing more irritating than a floor that squeaks. Because many homes have old wooden floors, pour a little talc between the boards and rub their joints well. Then wipe the surface. The sound will stop. Repeat after a while if necessary.
  5. Save time from ironing Climb the temperature with a tip to iron the clothes at the same time on both sides. Put aluminum foil under the ironing board cover. This will reduce ironing time by half, because aluminum reflects the heat of the iron and therefore will iron the clothes and down as you pass the iron from the top.
  6. How to Eliminate Mold from Bathroom Joints Mold in bath joints begins to appear when a room is not well ventilated. And because the mold is dangerous to health, it is a good idea to take your measures and deal with it. So to clean the joints, you’ll need a pair of gloves, bleach and a cotton cloth. Start wearing your gloves and dropping bleach on the cloth. Start rubbing slightly. Let the bleach act for a few hours and then rinse with plenty of water. Repeat the same procedure if you do not see the result or if the mold persists.

Another way to get rid of mold is to use thicker bleach and scrub the joints thoroughly with an old toothbrush. Let the bleach again act for a few hours and then rinse with water.

Finally, if you do not want to use bleach, there is also the natural way to get an equally good result. Put in a small bowl of 1/2 cup. baking soda, 1/3 cups lemon juice, 1/4 cup vinegar and 7 cups. water and create a super blend that will do great work. Rub again the joints with an old toothbrush and you will be surprised by the result. If you want to keep your joints clean, it is advisable to repeat the same procedure at least once a month so that you do not get to the point of rubbing with the hours to clean them.

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