The music industry is known as the “Disruptive Second Album Syndrome,” in which artists have difficulty meeting the expectations they have set their own debut. The new FromSoftware title, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, had to deal with something like that, as it was one of the most iconic and belovedRead More →

TIP: We can make ice cubes by putting a grape of grapes, a slice of pineapple, lemon or a cucumber in each ice-box together with water! How to make ice cubes for an aromatic delicious cocktail: TIP: We make ice cubes from various fruit juices, so that our cocktails doRead More →

Your home is your castle. And to keep a castle out of the sand, constant attention is needed. Give immediate solutions to everyday problems with these tips that will solve your hands. Clean tiles and plasters from the tiles Make your tiles shine with a colas of refreshment. Let itRead More →

Many people are very sensitive to strong light. This intense discomfort is not a condition but a symptom of other situations. The most common cause is dry eye (lack of tears), migraine is often accompanied by photophobia, as is the cataract, but so is more so after cataract surgery andRead More →

The Huawei P Smart 2019 is the renewed version of the original P Smart and at the same time the new proposal of the Chinese company in the mid-range category. At a cost of just over € 200 and fresh technical features, the P Smart 2019 is an exciting solutionRead More →