Huawei P Smart 2019 Review

The Huawei P Smart 2019 is the renewed version of the original P Smart and at the same time the new proposal of the Chinese company in the mid-range category. At a cost of just over € 200 and fresh technical features, the P Smart 2019 is an exciting solution for anyone looking for a versatile, yet practical and affordable device that will make their daily life easier.

Striking the impressions thanks to its sophisticated design and excellent performance – always proportions – the P 2019 is still a device that bets the price / performance ratio it wants to achieve in order to attract the attention of consumers. Whether or not he eventually succeeds, we will find it straight away.

Appearance – Design

The design of the Huawei P Smart 2019 is one of its strengths. An elongated one, resulting from its FullView screen, stands out for its rounded corners and thin frame. In addition, it offers comfortable grip and does not slip particularly. Although the construction is quite robust, the feel of the Smart 2019 on the touch is far from the premium. The back of the appliance is made of ceramic plastic and besides being worn without effort, it pulls the rings like a magnet, destroying its overall aesthetics.

At least the Plexiglas back helps keep the weight of P Smart 2019 low, in particular at 160 grams, which is close to the average of its class. In the top left corner, the cameras are in vertical configuration, while the fingerprint reader has been placed in the center of its surface. Its position is extremely convenient since the pointer falls precisely on it, and its function is seamless with its response being flashing.

Continuing the palm of the device, on the right hand side we find the volume buttons on and off. The left is totally smooth, because the SIM card slot (P Smart 2019 comes in single and dual SIM versions) and the microSD is on the top with the headset. The location of the latter will provide you a bell-in-bell to your calls, only with you, your interlocutor will be able to hear and those who are in the same place with you – and unfortunately without being able to do the slightest beyond to use headphones.

On the underside of the smartphone, beyond the speaker, we are waiting for two surprises: one positive and one negative. Beginning with the latest, though almost all new mid-range devices have a USB-C port, for reasons we can not explain, Huawei chose a microUSB for the P Smart 2019. The presence of a 3.5mm headphone door, however, somewhat golden the pill – the package even includes a set of headphones.

Screen – Cameras

As mentioned above, the P Smart 2019 features FullView or Dewdrop display as Huawei’s design tells us. The margins, however, exist on all sides, more on the underside, and comparatively, it is quite less full view than we would say from other company models but also from the competition. Basically, this is a 6.21 inch LCD with IPS panels, a 19.5: 9 aspect ratio and a 1920 x 2340 resolution that takes up almost the entire facade of the device, with the exception of a slightly larger surface at the bottom and a fairly distinctive notch. The latter is much smaller than the implementations we saw in 2018 since it only includes the camera – and therefore adopts a square design with rounded corners.

The device screen, although it can not compete with AMOLED’s most expensive models, is dignified and does its job perfectly. The colors are bright enough and the contrast is intense, but these and much more will be possible to set them through the P Smart 2019 menus. The only change we needed to do was the temperature of the colors: a “click” below the default level and covered us completely. In favor of the smartphone and Eye Comfort Mode that filters out the blue light, making use of the screen in the dark – and reading – more relaxing.

Passing through the cameras now, the Huawei P Smart 2019 is equipped with a 13MP double + 2 MP diaphragm f / 1.8 dual main camera. As is the case in these cases, the second sensor, the small one, records the necessary information about the depth of the image. Although the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature is not available, camera shots are quite clear, with A.I. to strengthen them even more often. Note, however, that the use of A.I. drops the image resolution from 13 MP to 8 MP – the same applies to Night Mode.

The P Smart 2019 has a scene recognition function, being able to recognize over 500 scenes in 22 different categories. Night Mode is the most appropriate suggestion for your nightly photos – at least because your subject is static. The performance of the camera marked a significant fall when lighting was not sufficient: the details began to “fade” and the colors were losing their vividness. In the vast majority of cases, however, the P Smart 2019 took us out of hand and will do the same with the average user.

The facade camera is 8 MP with a f / 2.0 diaphragm and although it does not have a second sensor, it yields the bokeh effect quite satisfactorily. It is accompanied by various decorating effects and a few filters with which you can “play” and modify your images. Here you can also take advantage of the A.I. to enhance your portraits. There are several modes to choose from, and if you feel confident about your skills, you can customize each setting manually. For the videos that pull the P Smart 2019, it is more or less the same as for the photos: as long as the lighting is satisfactory and your hand is stable (remember, there is no image stabilization) you will not have complaints. Sure, however, the device does not make life easy and the camera will give you a 1080p resolution frame at 60 frames per second, without the possibility of a 4K resolution.

Functions – Performance

The Huawei P Smart 2019 features an eight-core Kirin 710. The Mali-G51 MP4 is powered by GPU Turbo 2.0 technology, with 64 GB of ROM and 3 GB of RAM – with the exception of memory, we talk about the same techniques Features with Mate 20 lite! RAM, though below the 4 GB customized mid-range Android smartphones, is sufficient for the P Smart 2019, as Huawei has done a great job of optimizing device performance.

Generally speaking, the P Smart 2019 did not have much trouble doing daily tasks, using applications in parallel, and streaming content. Regarding gaming, we had no problem with casual, everyday games. The performance of the device, however, has a clear ceiling, and if I want you to include “serious” gaming then you might have to turn elsewhere. But besides gaming, we’ve seen a lot of stickiness when navigating menus and apps, especially when we wanted to bring back the multitasking menu to see what apps are running on the device or when we chose the split screen. The truth is that we did not expect to see such behavior with the particular processor and maybe it is something that Huawei can improve with its upgrading in the future. Pleasant surprise is the presence of a radio receiver.

P Smart 2019 runs the latest version of Android Pie 9.0 with Huawei siding with its own EMUI 9.0.1. The latter brings with him the bloatware – which is now expected – in which you will have to devote some time during the initial setup of the device to get rid of it. There are every kind of apps, from HiTouch that aspires to offer a fresh shopping experience, to Digital Balance with which you can get a complete picture of the use you make on the device – and block apps in an original method … self-limitation!

As already mentioned, the P Smart 2019 screen has a notch which is of limited size, and is actually present. Through the device’s functionality, you will be able to “camouflage” it if you like, creating a black bar on its left-hand side – even if your presence is bothering you, after a couple of days you’ll have it get used to it. If you still control the phone with gestures is something you care about, the P Smart 2019 will cover you completely.

The phone’s autonomy surprised us. Its battery has a capacity of 3400 mAh and easily withstand one and a half days of typical use. During our testing, there were also cases where the P Smart 2019 needed no charge until the end of its second day of use. We did not have a complaint about its connectivity: the NFC works flawlessly, while the 802.11ac protocol does wonders, with the speed and stability of Wi-Fi connections being significantly improved over its predecessor – and worthy of today’s checks.


The release of the Huawei P Smart 2019 was almost imperative, as developments in the smartphone market were running, the first P Smart was now “out of competition.” Huawei’s new mid-range range includes a device that raises its money, justifying the last cents you will spend on it.
The “right” solution for the average user, the P Smart 2019 has the way to get the impressions right there. It may not excel in any category (asterisk due to battery) but its overall performance is such that it allows you to stand worthy side by side throughout your everyday life.

We liked them

Top battery autonomy
Excellent Dewdrop screen
Good camera performance
Radio receiver
Door 3.5 mm

We did not like it

Steaks during navigation
MicroUSB port
Plastic back easily wearing and pulls the fingers
Absence of OIS

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