The gamers' audience is well-known for its requirements in terms of its systems, accessories, and peripherals. When the conversation goes on the screens, then we are talking about a combination of top quality and high rate of renewal, which many companies still have not found the way to succeed. LG is not one of them and has proven to prove it in the most prominent way at the IFA in Berlin, presenting its new UltraGear display series.

The evolution of image technology has led us to the new era of televisions. Small details that escape us, however, are capable of depriving us of many of the possibilities offered by today's large, high-definition televisions.

A more typical example is the wrong distance we place on the television from the central viewing point, as well as the false impression that high-quality image means necessarily, high cost and ... large living room!

Upgrading the cloud programs it provides for file storage, Google goes by adding an additional subscription package with a monthly cost of $ 2.99 for 200GB of storage space.

In addition, Google is significantly lowering the 2TB package, the monthly cost of which drops by half, from € 19.99 to € 9.99. Due to this decrease, the company withdraws the 1TB package that had until recently the same price. At the same time, Google renames these two packages to Google One from Google Drive. In detail, the cloud storage subscriptions available to the company are as follows:

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