Photophobia or Excessive Sensitivity to Light

Many people are very sensitive to strong light. This intense discomfort is not a condition but a symptom of other situations.

The most common cause is dry eye (lack of tears), migraine is often accompanied by photophobia, as is the cataract, but so is more so after cataract surgery and the eye “loses” the crystalline lens that was a natural filter and protected from the sun and light. Also, there are several drugs that have side effects like photophobia, especially drugs used in chemotherapy. Of course, people with light-colored eyes are much more sensitive to light.

Photophobia can have someone not only in the sun but also in artificial lighting. The most painful eye-light wavelength is the blue light (blue light) emitted by computer, mobile and TV screens. In this case, the use of CSR lenses is necessary, since they are the only filters that absorb 100% of the blue light and thus the eyes are protected and not annoyed. For sunlight, when photophobia is important, simple sunglasses are not enough, so it is necessary to use sunglasses with UVA + UVB + BLUE LIGHT filter.

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