The true story of how Freddie Mercury entered the Queen

In the early 1960s, two friends from high school, Tim Staffell and Brian May, created a five-member rock band, “1984”. In spite of their angelic name, Staffell says the band played exclusively cover songs and nothing more. After high school, the band broke up, but Staffell and May found a drummer, Roger Taylor, and made a new band. Smile them.

After two years of intensive rehearsals, recording and live appearances, Smile created their own little story in London’s musical setting, without knowing that they were building the foundation for one of the legendary bands of all time – the Queen – without Staffell , who for that two years (’68 – ’70) was the front man and the voice of Smile.

The roots of the Queen were the May acquaintance with Freddie Mercury, a musician, and singer who played from one band to the other. According to the Bohemian Rhapsody Oscar nominee, May’s Mercury was the cause for Staffell to leave Smile, leaving the field free to Freddie. That is, in the creation of the Queen.

But the story we all saw in cinema does not portray 100% of reality. The film shows young Mercury watching a Smile concert at a London club, with Doin ‘Alright singing the show on that live show. At the end of the concert, Mercury visits the dressing room in May and sings his own version of the song. It was, in other words, the Bohemian Rhapsody.
The initial execution of Doin ‘Alright (Staffell / May) immediately:
In an interview with Esquire, Staffell, who is already preparing a new album for 2019, explains the true story.

There was no hostility when he left Smile
“My departure from Smile was absolutely amazing.” The film used strange ways to show a rage – even hatred on my part – about Freddie’s arrival in the company, but in reality I was a good friend of Mercury. Freddie was that he always had an incredible will and self-belief to think he would become a superstar one day. He was charismatic, I’m not saying, but that’s how we all were at that time. jazz-rock phases anyway, so Freddie’s inclusion f the band, probably released me, “says Staffell. “I told all Smile members, long before they got stuck with Freddie:” Children, I’ve already been auditioning in other groups because I’m not happy with Smile anymore, and I do not think that all we do is further. “

How wrong could it be?

Contrary to what we saw in the film, Mercury and Staffel were good friends from college
“We studied at the same high school of arts and we had the same lessons, since then Freddie had this unshakable faith in himself and in his forces, and around him was a shy boy, but deep inside he hid a high sense of self-confidence And he used to say he would once become a superstar, I remember doing air guitar in the classroom and laughing in laughter, he was a good friend, a positive man.

Staffell, Mercury and May on the hardcore of the London scene
“The music scene in London at that time was like a volcano, and at the same time, it looked like a huge melting pot of every kind of music – from jazz to classical and from hard rock to polyphonic spiritual.

At the same time, technology evolved, creating multi-channel and overdubbing recordings invoices, guitars, and synthesizers. I think Freddie was very good at this trend, and with his band, he brought the expected results, “says Staffel,” I just could stay a little farther than all of that. “

Rami Malek gave an interpretation of importance to detail
“Freddie had teak: he pulled his lips back and looked like his teeth.” It was a nervous move when he felt that something was wrong, and Rami noticed and copied it. “

Staffell has no problem with the film’s interventions

“The creators of the Bohemian Rhapsody did a great job, and they managed to talk about a story of 15 years in two hours, but they promoted the emotional background – Freddie’s disease – but they lost many pieces of true story. the emotional burden of this, and that’s very important.

When I talk about interventions, I’m talking about the end of the movie that tells Freddie to know he’s got AIDS while getting ready for the legendary Live Aid concert. That did not really happen. The concert took place in 1985 and Mercury learned he suffered from the disease in 1987.

Staffell’s career did not end in 1970. He made the vocals for Smile recording on the Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack
“I never wanted to be a frontman, that was my noticeable difference with Freddie, and I have released two albums with Brian May, Snowy White and Morgan Fisher, among others. 2003 and the second one Two Late in 2018. Amigo I’m planning to re-release it in a special edition, and I’m in a third album, the last one to be called Zero Margin.

For the needs of the Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack, I was asked to record my own song on the song “Doin ‘Alright” that we wrote with Brian May and was included on the Queen album. They would use the Queen version, which did not show the character of Smile’s work. So we sat down with Brian with his guitar and I with my voice and we dug the piece to make more headphones in the sixties. The result was far more fierce. “

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