Wellness trends that will change your life by the end of the year

See what are the biggest wellness trends in 2019 and get ideas!

We have arrived at this time of New Year’s determination for drastic changes to be weakened, the incentives for a healthier lifestyle somehow lost, you have also made a shambles and you are now returning dynamically to the game to make changes yours.

See what are the biggest wellness trends in 2019 and get ideas!

Ayurveda becomes a mainstream
Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical and lifestyle approaches, and comes from India. Suddenly, we see everywhere herbs such as ashwagandha, basil, and turmeric are used everywhere. In Ayurveda, these plants are considered rasayana, that is, physicians that promote health and longevity. I wish the world to look deeper into this extraordinary Ayurveda theory, and make it a way of life!

The CBD is more widespread than ever
Although the use of CBD (cannabidiol / cannabidiol) increased greatly during 2018, this increase is likely to continue in 2019, perhaps even more rapidly. More and more products will use the beneficial abilities of CBD in combination with other herbal ingredients.

I bother in oral hygiene
Smile! It is predicted that oral hygiene will play a much larger role in our lives than this year. The growth and development of products in this industry is rapid. More and more treatments are sold in pharmacies, and the techniques and ways that dentists use are infinite and pioneering.

Well-selling wellness products will flood the market
Another shop has organic products, another superfoods, another one sells yoga clothes, another has vitamins, homeopaths are only in the pharmacy … is not it? Not for long! New York and Los Angeles have already opened “one-stop wellness centers” that sell what you can think about wellness.

Reduction in technology use
It’s not an application that promotes some sort of meditation in the day without the use of the mobile, or counting the time of use of electronic devices, or how many hours of scrolls in the intangram. Over time, we become more and more conscientious with the use of technology, reducing the “needless” use of the mobile and the tablet.

Ultimately, they are the little ones who make the difference
The prognosis of the world’s largest spiritual leaders is that more and more people will begin to add value to simple, little everyday habits – to light up a candle, to read your book without talking on the phone and having television open put your favorite nightgown just to feel “house”. This change is easy, so, according to the leaders, people will turn to the essence of small things to draw energy and joy.

Exercise for your soul
Larger gyms or “boutique fitness” venues begin and intensify a kind of meditation or exercise where the focus is on our emotional world. See it as a form of meditative activity where people are concentrated in the practice of their emotional and “divine” self as well as in physical exercise. The combination of these two forms of exercise is one of the most promising trends.

The world has begun and seeks for simplicity. The time has come when we were excited about the “many”, intricate and pioneering. There is the theory that the human species has the need to return to its roots, to sleep, to feed and to exercise according to its rhythms. We people know very well what we want and when. The infinite messages we receive per second are what confuse us.

Well-being and your finances!
Lastly, more and more members of the Millenials generation are turning to autonomous economic strategies as we learn from our past and work with our present to take control of our economic future. We focus on identifying needs and positions, budgeting, credit and debt management, and creating an investment plan that is in line with the individual and its goals. In short, we have begun and we become the “captains” of our economic future and the conditions of our economic … wellness!

I hope to inspire you!

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